Catalyst Manufacturing Center

While a large segment of the US industry, including the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, and energy industries makes and/or uses catalysts, currently there is no academic program focusing on the operations required to make catalytic materials. Thus, catalyst manufacturing processes are often designed relying on empiricism, leading to uncertain/sub-optimal processes, decreased quality, and increased cost.

By combining the substantial level of expertise in particle technology, optimization, multi-scale simulation, catalysis and molecular modeling available at Rutgers, we intend to develop and promote science-based methods for designing and optimizing catalyst manufacturing methods and processes such as impregnation, drying, slurry mixing, extrusion, calcination, etc. This will be integrated with a number of educational activities including research training of undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the area of Catalyst Manufacturing.

A combination of experiments and computer models will be used to improve the understanding and performance of the unit operations used to make catalysts. This knowledge, and the resulting methods and practices, will be transferred to Industrial partners to help transform this important segment of the US economy into a science-driven enterprise.

The consortium was founded on October 1, 2003.

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The Member Companies

Euro Support Manufacturing
Haldor Topsoe

Academic Members

Ben Glasser (director)
Bill Borghard
Fernando Muzzio
Silvina Tomassone 
Alberto Cuitino
Nina Shapley

The Catalyst Manufacturing Center would like to acknowledge the support and contributions of Dr. Art Chester. Art helped found the Catalyst Manufacturing Center in 2003 and was a Visiting Professor at Rutgers for many years. Art passed away in 2015 after a long illness.  Art was a wonderful mentor to many faculty, postdocs and students at Rutgers and we greatly benefited from his wisdom