Acceptable Technical Electives

*** Any math or science course 300-400 level and the below list ***


16:155:500+                                 Graduate Courses*     

 Co-Op Program

 14:155:496                                   Co-Op Program in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

 14:155:497                                   Co-Op Program in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

 (six credits total count towards the 131 credits required for graduation)

Special Problems Research

 14:155:491                                    Special Problems I

 14:155:492                                    Special Problems II

 (three credits of each count towards the 131 credits required for graduation)


 14:125:303                                    Biomedical Eng. Transport Phenomena

 14:125:306                                    Biomedical Eng. Thermodynamics and Kinetics


 01:119:101                                    General Biology

 01:119:102                                    General Biology


 11:126:420                                    Trends in Biotechnology

 11:126:427                                    Methods in Recombinant DNA Technology


01:146:270                                      Fundamentals of Cell and Developmental Biology

01:146:302                                      Computers in Biology

01:146:356                                      Systems Physiology

01:146:474                                      Immunology

01:146:478                                     Molecular Biology      


 01:160:409                                    Organic Chemistry of High Polymers

 01:160:438                                    Introduction to Computational Chemistry


01:198:314                                    Principles of Programming Languages

01:198:323                                    Numerical Analysis and Computing

01:198:424                                    Modeling and Simulation of Continuous Systems

01:198:440                                    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


 14:332:373                                     Elements of Electrical Engineering


  01:355:302                                    Scientific and Technical Writing


  11:375:407                                    Environmental Toxicology

  11:375:411                                    Pollution Microbiology

  11:375:421                                    Principles of Air Pollution

  11:375:430                                    Hazardous Wastes

  11:375:444                                    Water Chemistry

   1:375:459                                    Physical Properties of Soils


   11:400:201                                   Principles of Food Science

   11:400:402                                   Introductory Food Engineering Processes

   16:400:507                                   Food Engineering Fundamentals and Processes*

   16:400:515                                   Principles of Food Process Engineering I*

   16:400:517                                    Applied Mathematics in Food Science*

   16:400:613                                     Nanotechnology and Its Applications in         



     01:447:380                                    Genetics


     14:540:343                                    Engineering Economics

     14:540:475                                    Introduction to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


      01:640:250                                    Introduction to Linear Algebra

      01:640:350                                    Linear Algebra

      01:640:423                                    Elementary Partial Differential Equations

      01:640:429                                    Industry-Orientated Mathematics: Case Studies

      01:640:454                                    Combinatorial Theory


       01:694:411                                    Molecular Pathways and Signal Transduction

       01:694:492                                    Gene Regulation, Cancer and Development


      30:721:301                                      Introduction to Pharmaceutics

      30:721:430                                      Introduction to Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics


      01:960:379                                      Basic Probability and Statistics

      01:960:384                                      Intermediate Statistical Analysis

      01:960:401                                      Basic Statistics for Research


*Senior standing and GPA of 3.0 or higher required. 

**If a >300 level math or science course is not listed above, please email the Undergraduate Director with the course description and syllabus for consideration.