Pictured above (from left to right) are Dr. Jeff Howell (BS ’68, PhD ’81), Professor Alkis Constantinides, Dr. Allen Hatfield (PhD ’91), and Gary Orlando (BS ’76

The Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering wishes to stay in touch with its alumni. Since 1964, the Department has awarded approximately 2,500 B.S. degrees, 600 M.S. degrees, and 300 Ph.D. degrees. Many of our alumni have contributed to the recent activities of the Department in a variety of ways: through involvement in the Advisory Board, through attendance at the alumni receptions sponsored by the Department during the AIChE Annual meetings, by participating in the Rutgers University Alumni Day, and by generously contributing to our fund-raising campaigns.Through the moral and financial support of its alumni, the Department has been able to achieve and maintain high goals of excellence.

We strive to maintain a current mailing list of all the alumni. For this reason, we will appreciate hearing from you with updated information of your address, telephone numbers, email address, job placement, etc. Please use the email address below to send us this information.

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