Biotechnology Training Program

The Rutgers NIH Training Program in Biotechnology provides a select group of outstanding PhD students with an integrated, multidisciplinary, educational and research training experience in biotechnology. The program has been continuously funded by NIH for more than 30 years. The aim of the program is to train creative investigators who (1) become well educated within a single biotechnology-related discipline (e.g. biochemistry, chemical engineering, molecular biology), (2) become fluent in the language, approaches, and principles of the biological and physical sciences, in general, and (3) recognize the steps needed to translate basic science discoveries into technology developments for the needs of society, government, and industry. The Biotechnology Training Program enhances the training of students in the technical, operational, and professional realms through specific courses, research experience, and other enrichment and experiential activities that go beyond those provided by the participating discipline-specific graduate programs in which students are matriculated. Four major graduate program groups participate in the program: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, Chemistry & Chemical Biology, and Molecular Biosciences.