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Undergraduate students in the School of Engineering follow a common first year curriculum.  Students declare a specific engineering major during the second semester of the first-year studies. Undergraduates studying in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering have the opportunity to pursue co-op educational programs, faculty-led research projects, and gain real world experience with internships and involvement in student chapters of professional organizations.

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Undergraduate Director:
Dr. Nina Shapley
Engineering Building C230
School of Engineering
Busch Campus
Phone: 848-445-04951
Program Coordinator:
Debbie Sclafani
Engineering Building C-226
School of Engineering
Busch Campus
Phone: 848-445-2228 


1)  non-CBE 14:155 courses, always contact the Department offering the course. The only exception is Microbiology where as you contact B-100.
2) CBE 14:155 courses, contact Dr. Shapley, Undergraduate Program Director.
3) CBE 16:155 courses, contact Dr. Celik, Graduate Program Director.
  • Note regarding Microbiology: 
    The biology requirement for General Microbiology is waived for chemical engineering students who have completed Organic Chemistry I & II, and Biological Foundations (155:210). Dr. Nina Shapley grants pre-req override to CBE students taking General Microbiology. Please contact him for pre-req override.
    For Biochem Option students: 11:680:390 (SAS) is equivalent to 01:447:390 (SEBS), so either course counts toward the Biochem Option requirement.

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Technical Tracks (Optional) - Class of 2021 and Later

To obtain a Certificate of Completion for the Biochemical Option or a Technical Track, fill out and submit the application form by April 30

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