Benjamin J. Glasser

Benjamin J. Galsser


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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  • BS, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, 1989
  • MS, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, 1991
  • PhD, Princeton University, 1996


  • Consulting Editor, AIChE Journal (2012)
  • Rutgers School of Engineering Outstanding Graduate Student Award to advisee, Matt Metzger (2012)
  • ISPE Poster of the Year Award (with M. Metzger) (2009)
  • AIChE Particle Technology Forum Best Poster Award (with B. Remy) (2009)
  • The Scholar-Teacher Award from the President of Rutgers University (2009)
  • AIChE Particle Technology Forum Best Poster Award (with M. Metzger and K. LaMarche) (2007)
  • Best PhD in Particle Technology Award to advisee, Stephen Conway from the AIChE (2005)
  • Inducted into Who's Who in Science and Engineering (2005)
  • First Prize, AIChE National Student Poster Competition (with C. Sutton and E. Liss) (2000)
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Young Faculty Award (2000)
  • Charles and Johanna Busch Research Award (1999)
  • Merck Excellence Faculty Development Award (1998)
  • Dean's Fund for Scholarly Travel Award (1993)
  • National Postgraduate Scholarship (1991-1992)
  • Foundation for Research and Development Scholarship (1990)
  • University Senior Bursary (1990)
  • South African Institution of Chemical Engineers Medal (1989)
  • SASOL Medal (1989)
  • Gencor Prize (1988)
  • E.J.A. Loerincz Scholarship (1987)
  • Jacob and Pauline Pertz Merit Scholarship (1986)
  • Standard Bank Scholarship (1986)

Research Interests

The mechanics of fluidized beds
Multiphase flows and reactors
Flow and segregation of granular materials
Nonlinear dynamics of transport processes in fluid-particle systems
Pharmaceutical engineering

Selected Publications

  1. Liu, X., Khinast, J.G. and Glasser, B.J., Drying of Ni/Alumina Catalysts: Control of the Metal Distribution Using Surfactants and the Melt Infiltration Method, I&ECR, 53, 5792-5800, (2014).
  2. Schrank, S., Kann, B., Saurugger, E., Ehmann, H., Werzer, O., Windbergs, M., Glasser, B.J., Zimmer, A., Khinasta, J.G., Roblegg, E., Impact of Drying on Solid State Modifications and Drug Distribution in Ibuprofen-Loaded Calcium Stearate Pellets, Molecular Pharmaceutics, 11, 599-609, (2014).
  3. Heigl, N., Koller, D.M., Glasser, B.J., Muzzio, F.J., Khinast, J. G., Quantitative On-line  vs. Off-line NIR Analysis of Fluidized Bed Drying with Consideration of the Spectral Background, European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 85, 1064-1074, (2013).
  4. Schrank, S., Birthe, K., Windbergs, M., Glasser, B.J., Zimmer, A., Khinast, J., Roblegg, E., Microstructure of Calcium Stearate Matrix Pellets: A Function of the Drying Process, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 102, 3987-3997, (2013).
  5. Grigorov, P.I., Glasser, B.J. and Muzzio, F.J., Formulation and Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals by Fluidized Bed Impregnation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients onto Porous Carriers, AIChE Journal, 59, 4538-4552, (2013).
  6. Gao, Y., Glasser, B.J., Ierapetritou, M.G., Cuitino, A., Muzzio, F.J., Beeckman, J.W., Fassbender, N.A., and Borghard, W.G., Measurement of Residence Time Distribution in a Rotary Calciner, AIChE Journal, 59, 4068-4076, (2013).
  7. Scheibelhofer, O., Balak, N., Wahl, P., Koller, D.M., Glasser, B.J., and Khinast, J.G. Monitoring Blending of Pharmaceutical Powders with Multi-point NIR Spectroscopy, AAPS PharmSciTech, 14, 234-244, (2013).
  8. Vasilenko, A., Koynov, S., Glasser, B.J. and Muzzio, F.J., Role of Consolidation State in the Measurement of Bulk Density and Cohesion, Powder Technology, 239, 366-373, (2013). 
  9. Metzger, M.J., Glasser, B.J., Patel, B.,Fox, J.,Sempuga, C., Hildebrandt, D., and Glasser, D., Liquid Fuels from Alternative Carbon Sources Minimizing Carbon Dioxide Emissions, AIChE Journal, 59, 2062-2078, (2013).
  10. Jain, A., Metzger, M.J., Glasser, B.J., Effect of Particle Size Distribution on Segregation in Vibrated Systems, Powder Technology, 237, 543-553, (2013)