M. Silvina Tomassone


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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 Ph. D., Physics ,Northeastern University, Boston, 1998. 
Faculty Advisor: Prof. A. Widom
Thesis Topic: "Fundamentals of Friction at the Atomic Level"

 M.S., Physics Northeastern University, Boston, 1994. 

 "Licenciatura'' in Physics, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1992.


 Pfizer Young Faculty Award $35,000, 2006.
 NSF IGERT in Nanopharmaceutical, ($3.4MM), 2005.
 NSF NIRT, "Environmentally Benign Mixing of Nanoparticles"($1.2MM), PI: R. Dave(NJIT), Co-PI's: S. Tomassone, S. Sundaresan, R. Pfeffer, 2005.
 US Army, ($97K), Flow Properties of Energetic Granular Materials", 2005.
 Merck Excellence Graduate Fellowship and Faculty Development Award, ($90,000) , 2002.
 NSF NER Award, ($100,000), Continuous Manufacturing of Polymer Encapsulated Nanoparticles using FIPI, 2003.
 NSF grant, BES 0201788, Title: "Nanoscale engineering of LDL Retentive Substrates", 2002. (in collaboration with P. Moghe(PI), K. Urich and Y. Lu) Amount: $297,000, Duration: 9/1/2002-8/31/2005;.
 NSF NIRT, "Bio-Nano Robotic Systems using Viral Protein nano MOtors"($1 Million), Role: Co-PI (PI: C. Mavroidis) $ 1 million

  • Duration: 9/1/2003-8/31/2007

 2006 Teaching Excellence Award 
 2005 Rutgers FASIP Award for Research, Teaching and Service. 
 2005 NSF IGERT Co-Director of the Nanopharmaceutical Program. 
 2004 Rutgers FASIP Award for Research, Teaching and Service. 
 2002 Rutgers FASIP Award for Research, Teaching and Service. 
 SROA Competition, in the Tissue/Biomaterials Engineering area. "Nanosubstrates for Sequestration of Low Density Lipoproteins.", 2002 (in collaboration with P. Moghe, K. Urich,Y. Lu). 
 1996-1998 Northeastern University Graduate Student Excellence Fellowship 

Professional Affiliations

  • 2001-Present  Associate Professor  Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey