Rohit Ramachandran

Associate Professor

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Website: Research Group Webpage

Research Interests

Process Systems Engineering; Process Control; Process Simulation; Process Optimization; Mathematical Modelling; Population Balance Modelling; Experimental Studies and Validation; Pharmaceutical Engineering; Particulate and Chemical Processes; Nonlinear Identification and Control; Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory

Selected Publications


45. D. Barrasso, A. El Hagrasy, J.D. Litster, R. Ramachandran. Multi-dimensional population balance model development and validation for a twin screw granulation process, Powder Technology, Accepted, 2014.

44. R. Singh, A. Sahay, K.M. Karry, F. Muzzio, M. Ierapetritou, R. Ramachandran. Implementation of an advanced hybrid MPC-PID control system using PAT tools into a direct compaction continuous pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing pilot plant. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 473, (1-2), 38-54, 2014.

43. M. Ghodbane, A. Kulesa, H.H. Yu, T.J. Maguire, R.R. Schloss, R. Ramachandran, J.D. Zahn, and M.L. Yarmush, Development of a Low Volume, Highly Sensitive Microimmunoassay using Computational Fluid Dynamics Driven Multi-Objective Optimization, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, Accepted, 2014.

42. M. Sen, R. Singh, R. RamachandranA hybrid MPC-PID control system design for the continuous purification and processing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, ProcessesAccepted, 2014.

41. D. Barrasso, R. Ramachandran. Multi-scale modeling of granulation processes: bi-directional coupling of PBM with DEM via collision frequencies. Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Accepted, 2014.

40. R. Singh, A. Sahay. F.J. Muzzio, M.G. Ierapetritou, R. Ramachandran. A Systematic framework for onsite design and implementation of a control system in a continuous tablet manufacturing process. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 2014, Accepted.

39. M. Sen, D. Barrasso, R. Singh, R. Ramachandran. A Multi-scale Hybrid CFD-DEM-PBM Description of a Fluid-bed Granulation Process. Processes  Accepted, 2014.

38M. Sen, R. Singh, R. Ramachandran. Simulation based design of an efficient control system for the continuous purification and processing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, Accepted, 2014.

37. A. Chaudhury, D. Barrasso, P. Pandey, H. Wu, R. Ramachandran. Population balance model development, validation and prediction of CQAs of a high-shear wet granulation process: Towards QbD in drug product pharmaceutical manufacturing, Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, Accepted 2014.

36. R. Singh, D. Barrasso, A. Chaudhury, M. Sen, M. Ierapetritou, R. Ramachandran. Closed-loop feedback control of a continuous pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing process via wet granulation. Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, Accepted, 2014.