Graduate Faculty

Ioannis (Yannis) P. Androulakis

Biomedical Engineering and Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Phone: 848-445-6561
Research Interests:  Systems biology, transcription, inflammation

Tewodros (Teddy) Asefa

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering and Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Phone: 848-445-2970
Office: C-138
Research Interests: Development of novel multifunctional nanostructured and nanoporous materials for catalysis; biocatalysis, sensors, and biosensors; solar cells and renewable energy; nanomedicine for cancer treatment

Helen Buettner

Professor and Chemical & Biochemical Engineering Chair
Biomedical Engineering and Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Phone: 848-445-2228
Office: C-228
Research Interests: Neural circuitry, kinetics, microscopy, microfabrication

Fuat E. Celik

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Phone: 848-445-5558
Office: C-215
Research Interests:  Heterogeneous Catalysis for Energy Applications

Suzie Chen

Chemical Biology
Office: Lab for Cancer Research, Rm 213
Phone: (848) 445 7243
Research Interests: Glutamatergic signaling and cancer, transgenic mouse model system for melanoma development, Regulation of cell signaling by G-protein-coupled-receptor

Yee Chiew

Professor and Undergraduate Program Director
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Office: C150B
Phone: 848-445-0315
Research Interests: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics of Complex Fluids, Polymers, Thermodynamic and Physico-chemical Properties of Pharmaceutical Materials Nanopolymeric Systems for Drug Delivery, Interfacial Phenomena Nanoparticles and Colloidal Systems

Shishir Chundawat

Assistant Professor
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Office: C150A
Phone: 848-445-3578
Research Interests: : Cellulosic Biofuels, Biomass Processing, Glycoengineering, Protein Engineering, Glycan Biopolymer
Research Webstite: Research Page

William Craelius

Biomedical Engineering
Office: BME-207
Phone: (848) 445-2369
Research Interests: Prosthetic limb restoration; motor control and polymers for tissue engineering; Designing of controllers; robotic devices; signal processing and instrumentation; Entrepreneurial and regulatory experience with medical devices.

Alberto Cuitino

Professor and Chair
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Office: B235
Phone: 848-445-2248, 848-445-4210
Research Interests: Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Material modeling and simulations, dislocation mechanics, fracture in metal single crystals, granular materials, mechanical behavior of solid foams and folding patterns in thin films.

German Drazer

Associate Professor
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Room:  D158
Phone: 848-445-5400
Research Interests: Transport Phenomena; Fluid mechanics and statistical physics, stochastic processes to investigate the transport of suspended particles in complex systems.

Meenakshi Dutt

Associate Professor
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Room: C229
Phone: 848-445-5612
Research Interests: Particle technology, multifunctional biohybrid materials, and nano-particle - cell membrane interactions.
Research Group Web Page

Panagiotis (Panos) G. Georgopoulos

Environmental & Occupational Medicine
Office: Computational Chemodynamics laboratory, EOHSI, Room 308
Phone: 732-445-0159
Research Interests: Environmental chemical engineering; turbulent transport; reactive flows

Benjamin Glasser

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Office: C231
Phone: 848-445-4243
Research Interests: The mechanics of fluidized beds, multiphase flows and reactors, flow and segregation of granular materials, nonlinear dynamics of transport processes in fluid-particle systems, and pharmaceutical engineering
Research Webstite: Research Group

Masanori Hara

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Room: C161
Phone: 848-445-3817
Research Interests:Solution Behavior of Ionic Polymers; Development and Study of Novel Polymers; Polymer Blends, and Composites via Ionic Interactions; Inorganic Polymers Based on Silicates Made from Minerals; Ionic Polymers and Ionic Liquids. 

Marianthi Ierapetritou

Distinguished Professor
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Office: C227
Phone: 848-445-2971
Research Interests: Process operations involving scheduling, planning and supply-chain management comprising of deterministic and stochastic approaches
Research Webstite: Research Group

Joachim Kohn

Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Room: Wright Rieman Labs, 303
Phone: 848-445-3888
Research Interests: Novel biomaterials design, orthopedic and cardiovascular biomaterials, drug delivery, polymeric implants

Bozena Michniak-Kohn

Office: Life Science Building rm 109
Phone: 848-445-3589
Research Interests: Topical and Transdermal Drug Delivery

Tamara Minko

Distinguished Professor and Chair
Office: William Levine Hall Room 214
Phone: (848) 445-6348
Research Interests: Biopharmaceutics; nanotechnology; molecular targeting; antisense oligonucleotides, siRNA and peptide delivery; mechanisms of multidrug resistance; intracellular fate and molecular mechanisms of action of anticancer drugs;

Prabhas V. Moghe

Distinguished Professor and Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Research & Academic Affairs
Biomedical Engineering and Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Phone: 848-445-4591
Research Interests: Cell and tissue engineering, and biomimetic materials.

Fernando Muzzio

Distinguished Professor
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Office: C-126
Phone: 848-445-3357
Research Interests: Pharmaceutical engineering; chaos & mixing of viscous fluids; mixing & segregation of powders

Alex Neimark

Distinguished Professor
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Office: C-258
Phone: 848-445-0834
Research Interests: Molecular modeling of nanoscale processes and materials; thermodynamics and transport in CBE

Ronke Olabisi

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Office: BME-209
Phone: 848-445-6687
Research Interests: Tissue repair, regenerative medicine for injury and disease

Wilma Olson

Mary I. Bunting Professor of Chemistry         
Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Office: Wright Rieman Labs A209
Phone: 848-445-3993 
Research Interests: Theoretical studies of nucleic acid structure and properties, molecular biophysics

Henrik Pedersen

Professor and Associate Dean of Lifetime Learning and Professional Education
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Office: B-203
Phone: 848-445-4795
Research Interests: Plant cell culture, chemical and biochemical fiber optic sensors, applications of biophotonics in bioprocess technology

Rohit Ramachandran

Associate Professor & Chancellor's Scholar
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Office: C-216 
Phone: 848-445-6278
Research Interests: Interests include: Process Systems Engineering; Process Control; Process Simulation; Process Optimization; Mathematical Modelling; Population Balance Modelling; Experimental Studies and Validation; Pharmaceutical Engineering; Particulate and Chemical Processes; Nonlinear Identification and Control; Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory.

Richard Riman

Distinguished Professor
Material Science and Engineering
Office: CCR-106
Phone: (848) 445-4946
Research Interests: Processing (low temperature hydrothermal methods, dispersion, particulate mixed-ness, and solution crystallization of ceramics) and functional materials (structural ceramics, electro-ceramics, optics, and biomaterials).

Charles Roth

Biomedical Engineering and Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Office: BME-205
Phone: 848-445-6686
Research Interests: Nanomedicine; gene silencing technologie; engineering approaches to cancer

Nina Shapley

Associate Professor
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Room: C230
Phone: 848-445-4951
Research Interests: Multiphase fluid mechanics and rheology, imaging (nuclear magnetic resonance imaging), micro and nanoencapsulation, biopolymer colloids, health, and environmental applications.

Troy Shinbrot

Biomedical Engineering
Office: BME-310
Phone: 848-445-6584
Research Interests: Research in our lab deal with mechanisms for self-assembly in cells and in mixing problems.

David Shreiber

Professor, Graduate Director
Biomedical Engineering
Office: BME-312
Phone: 848-445-6589
Research Interests: Central Nervous System injury, repair, and regeneration.

Paul Takhistov

Assistant Professor
Department of Food Science
Phone: (848) 932-5478
Research Interests: Development of microfluidic devices and biosensors for microorganism’s detection, non-thermal (pulse-electric field) pathogens inactivation; nanotechnology in food processing, packaging and control.

M. Silvina Tomassone

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Office: C-234
Phone: 848-445-2972
Research Interests: Molecular dynamics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of fluids, nanoparticles, nanotribology, self assembly and dynamics of surfactants, and spreading of fluids.

George Tsilomelekis

Assistant Professor
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Phone: 848-445-5809
Research Interests: Structure-reactivity relationships as they pertain to complex catalytic reactions, Operando spectroscopy.

Martin Yarmush

Distinguished Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Office: BME 231
Phone: 848-445-6528
Research Interests: Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine; Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapeutics; BioMEMS and BioNanotechnology, Medical Devices

Haoran Zhang

Assistant Professor
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Office: C106
Research Interests: Engineering microorganisms and complex microbial systems for bioproduction of value-added molecules

Associate Members


Charles Dismukes

Distinguished Professor
Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Office: Wright Rieman Labs 113
Phone: 848-445-1489
Research Interests: Biological and chemical methods for renewable solar-based fuel production, catalysis, photosynthesis, metals in biological systems and tools for investigating these systems.

Ashutosh Goel

Assistant Professor
Material Science and Engineering
Office: CCR-212
Phone: 848-445-4512
Research Interests: Structure-Property relationships in glasses

Adam J. Gormley

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Office: BME 220
Phone: 848-445-6569
Research Interests: Nanobiomaterials.

Shantenu Jha

Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office: CoRE 705
Phone: 848-445-8537
Research Interests: Applied Computing, Cyberinfrastructure R&D and Computational Science. 

Jing Li

Distinguished Professor
Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Office: Wright Rieman Labs 207
Phone: 848-445-3758
Research Interests: development of solid-state inorganic and inorganic-organic hybrid materials that are both fundamentally important and relevant for practical applications

Thomas Nosker

Assistant Research Professor
Material Science and Engineering
Office: CCR 141
Phone: 848-445-3631
Research Interests: Advanced processing technologies for thermoplastic resins using rheological and mechanical parameters to develop co-continuous structures at the micro-scale.

Ravendra Singh

Assistant Research Professor
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Office: C-162
Phone: 848-445-4944
Research Interests: control and optimization of downstream pharmaceutical processes.