MBS Pharmaceutical Engineering


The goal of the Professional Science MasterMaster of Business and Science degrees (PSM-MBS) with a Pharmaceutical Engineering concentration is to educate students in the essential skills and tools relevant to the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. Students will be taught the fundamentals and applications of pharmaceutical engineering and science and will receive training in finance and accounting, marketing, communication and leadership, management of science and technology, ethics and entrepreneurship.

The faculty in the Pharmaceutical Engineering program is deeply committed to the development and education of future leaders in the pharmaceutical engineering field. They have created a mutually supportive stimulating environment to promote the individual and professional growth of the student community.

The program will:

  1. Provide students with skills and tools to be innovative, competent, contributing engineers in the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. Train students to meet the constantly changing needs of industry for state-of-the art research/manufacturing practices and protocols.
  3. Give students the training and experience to further their career in industry.


Further details on the Master of Business and Science degree with a Pharmaceutical Engineering concentration can be found at the Master of Business Science website.