Distinguished Lecture - Juan J. de Pablo

Thursday, April 12, 2018
                 Liew Family Professor in Molecular Engineering
                 Deputy Director for Education and Outreach
                 The Institute for Molecular Engineering
                 The University of Chicago
Title: Emerging Insights into Directed Assembly: Taking Examples from Nature to Design Synthetic Processes
Time: 3:00 p.m.


A professor at the University of Chicago's Institute for Molecular Engineering, Juan de Pablo is a leader in developing models and simulations of molecular and large-scale phenomena. He conducts supercomputer simulations to design and find applications for new materials, with areas of investigation including DNA dynamics and protein aggregation.

In 2016, de Pablo was inducted into the National Academy of Engineering for the design of macromolecular products and processes via scientific computation. He holds over 20 patents and has authored or coauthored approximately 500 publications. His many awards include the DuPont Medal for Excellence in Nutrition and Health Sciences, the Intel Patterning Science Award, and the Charles Stine Award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He is also the founding editor of Molecular Systems Designing and Engineering.

De Pablo currently chairs the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Advisory Committee of the National Science Foundation and the Committee on Condensed Matter and Materials Research at the National Research Council.