Poster Winners

Congratulations to our below winners of our Annual Undergraduate Research Day Poster Session on April 7, 2016! 

Ist Place: David WooComputer Simulation of Asphaltene Aggregate Molecules in Crude Oil 
Under the direction of Dr. Aleksey Vishnyakov

2nd Place: Joshua PajakInteraction of Nanopolymeric Micelles with Model Lipid Bilayers via Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Under the direction of Abhinav Raman and Dr. Yee Chiew 

3rd Place: Jonah WilliamsPhotosynthetic Engineering for Energy Applications: in vivo Bromide-for-Chloride Atomic Substitution 
Under the direction of Colin Gates, Dr. Gennady Ananyev and Dr. G. Charles Dismukes

All of the students that presented did a great job! Also, thank you to judges Drs. Callegari, Scicolone, Tsilomelekis and Zhang!