RU Engineer Features CBE Faculty Research

The latest issue of RU Engineer,  the School of Engineering's annual magazine, features a number of articles highlighting CBE faculty research and students. 

The cover story, "Going for the Green," discusses Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering professors Nina Shapley and Shishir Chundawat who are working ot develop environmentally sustainable production processes that could have global implications. Shapley's research with textile designer Jane Palmer includes working to move mass-market fabric dyeing away from polluting and energy consuming ways. Chundawat is exploring alternative fuel sources using easily and economically produced biomass. (Page 12)

"Harnessing the Power of Big Data" includes the work of CBE professors Marianthi Ierapetriou and Rohit Ramachandran, working alongside electrical and computer engineering professor Shantenu Jha to advance pharmaceutical manufacturing using some of the world's most powerful computers like the Hadron Collider. (Page 27)

Among the students profiled for "Intrinsically Designed to Be the Best" includes CBE student and RU soccer player Christine Monroy. (Page 6)

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