Tsilomelekis Receives NSF CAREER Award

Rutgers chemical and biochemical engineering assistant professor George Tsilomelekis was awarded a prestigious CAREER award by the National Science Foundation. The award is given to early career faculty who show excellence in integrating teaching and research. 

Tsilomelekis was awarded $500,000 for research on developing more energy-efficient production of propylene, which is used in creating many materials. The research will develop novel catalysts with dual functionality for converting propane to propylene. Tsilomelekis’ uses spectroscopic techniques under real reaction conditions in seeking new paths to efficient, renewable and alternative energy sources. The award also will fund outreach for younger students through development of a freeware computer game that teaches principles of molecular symmetry and spectroscopy. A native of Greece, Tsilomelekis came to Rutgers in 2015.

“CAREER awards are a tremendous honor for Rutgers and recognize our most promising junior faculty who will provide meaningful research opportunities for the students they teach and mentor” said Thomas N. Farris, dean of the engineering school.