Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research

This course (14:155:291,292 -sophomore research, 391,392 -junior research, and 491,492 -senior research) allows for individual work under the guidance of a CBE faculty adviser on special problems in a specific area of chemical or biochemical engineering. Interdisciplinary cooperation encouraged where applicable. Presentation of individual or group poster required. Projects may be one or two terms in length, although the latter is preferred. Normally, no more than 3 credits are awarded per term, except for students in the James J. Slade Scholars Program.

Undergraduates are advised to contact faculty members directly to inquire about open research positions. It is recommended that they review the faculty research interests on this web site and then contact faculty members that are conducting research that may be interesting and that they may wish to concentrate on in the future.

Students are required to complete the registration form and register for each semester they are conducting research. Students are also required to register on-line before the add/drop period ends. A registration form is available HERE  Registration Form_

* Students conducting research in another Department register with that Department, not CBE. Credit may be given for a technical or general elective after approval from the CBE Undergraduate Director. Please email the name of your research advisor and project description to the Undergraduate Assistant*


An average of 30 undergraduates complete Special Problems Research annually. Most continue their research in the second semester. Undergraduates gain hands-on lab experience while earning general and/or technical elective credit toward graduation. Employers and graduate schools value this experience.