Wolf R. Vieth

Professor Emeritus

SB.,         MIT, 1956
M.Sc.,     Ohio State University, 1958
Sc.D.,      MIT, 1961


Application of enzyme technology and semipermeable membranes.

Research interests are in the fields of enzyme engineering, immobilized enzymes, transport processes in semipermeable membranes. Recipient of nine patents in enzyme technology and author of five books.

Recipient of several awards:

   The DuPont Invention Award,

   The Distinguished Visiting Foreign Scientist Award, Japan Society for Promotion of Science,

   Fellow of New York Academy of Sciences

   Distinguished Achievement Award in Biochemical Engineering (ENGG  FDN/AICHE)

   Dedicated Service Award,

   Chair, Rutgers Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (1968-1978)



140 Research Publications

200 Public Technical Lectures

    5 Books/2reprinted,1translated into Japanese

    9 U.S. Patents/3 widely practiced industrially