Summary of Course Requirements

The undergraduate program of study is fairly standard, combining required and elective courses. In 
the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Program, students are required to complete core requirements to fulfill their general, 
humanities/social science, and technical elective requirements.


General Electives: Any course except the ones on this list can be a general elective.

Humanities/Social Science Electives: A list of acceptable humanities/social science 

Technical Electives: Math and science-related courses. 

Undergraduate Research (155:291, 292, 391, 392, 491, 492): This course allows for individual work under the guidance of a CBE faculty adviser on special problems in a specific area of chemical or biochemical engineering.

Co-Op Program (155:496, 497): The Co-Op Program gives undergraduates the 
opportunity to earn degree credits while working in industry. Up to six co-op credits are accepted 
toward the graduation requirements. Co-op credits count as technical or general electives. 

Industrial Internship: (155:495): Internship in Chemical and Biochemical engineering provides students with the opportunity to practice and/or apply knowledge and skills in various chemical or biochemical engineering professional environments. 

The Major Average: Academic standing is often decided on the basis of your major average. The major average includes all grade-bearing Chemical & Biochemical Engineering (155:xxx) courses.