BS/Master's in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

For Current Rutgers Students

The objectives of the combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program in the Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering are:

1) To provide an expedited graduate applications process for highly qualified students
2) To provide the added depth of knowledge inherent in graduate course work
3) To enable our students to receive both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in a shortened timeframe (70% of BS/Master's students graduate in just one additional semester)
4) To encourage our top students to pursue graduate study
5) To provide a tailored graduate experience to fit our students' interests and schedule

Students may apply to either the Master of Science (MS) in Chemical Engineering or the Master of Engineering (ME) in Chemical Engineering. The program is ideally suited for an undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering, but it may be possible to pursue the Bachelor's/Master's in Chemical Engineering in combination with another undergraduate major. Please consult the Graduate Director to assess individual situations for appropriateness

Please see the School of Engineering overview page for general information about the BS/Master's Program

Admission Essentials

  • Applicants must be current Rutgers undergraduates
  • GPA of 3.0
  • GRE is NOT required
  • Application fee is waived
  • Application is processed through CBE department for expedited decisions
  • Admissions are processed on a rolling basis - there are no deadlines
  • Graduating seniors may apply during the summer after graduation, up to August 15th

Please note that meeting these eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission. Students must maintain an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 to continue in the program.

Application Materials

  • on-line application form
  • brief (one page) personal statement outlining your professional goals, attached to the application form
  • at least one recommendation letter, e-mailed to the graduate program director
  • send an e-mail to the Graduate Program Director indicating that your application has been submitted for faster response


  • Master of Science in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering or Master of Engineering in Pharmaceutical Engineering and Science
  • BS/Master's candidates may elect to take graduate-level courses prior to the completion of the undergraduate degree
  • Graduate-level courses taken during the undergraduate degree can be counted towards the Master's degree, reducing the time to complete the Master's degree
  • BS/Master's candidates may transfer up to 12 credits earned as an undergraduate towards their Master's degree, reducing the time to complete the Master's degree
  • More information on transferring credits from the B.S. to the Master's can be found at this link
  • Following the senior year, candidates complete the remainder of the Master's degree curriculum as normal. This can be done in as little as one additional semester.
  • School of Engineering may provide financial incentives for SOE students joining the program (ask the Graduate Program Director for up to date information)
  • B.S./M.S. students will want to note that the graduate classes 501 and 502 can be taken in any order

Questions? Contact the Graduate Program Director today!

  • Got a full-time job after undergrad? Many of our BS/Master's students work full-time and complete one or two courses per semester to complete the Master's degree
  • Not a CBE major? We can discuss a curriculum that fits your preparation and interests
  • GPA below 3.0? We can discuss a pathway that leads to a graduate degree from Rutgers that works for you
  • Completing a Senior Thesis? Undergraduate research nicely dovetails with graduate research and coursework
  • Interested in pursuing a Co-Op as an undergraduate? You may be able to complete both degrees and a Co-Op within 5 years
  • Think it's too late to apply? It's never too late to get engaged with the Graduate Program, and we have many options to get you enrolled quickly
  • Feel free to contact the Graduate Program Director with questions!