CBE at Rutgers

 Welcome to the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. Our department has been involved in chemical engineering education and research since the early 1960s. We currently provide instruction and training to over 300 undergraduate and over 200 graduate students. To meet the challenges of the new century, our department is working to constantly improve its educational and research program. Located in the heart of New Jersey's pharmaceutical corridor, we combine an innovative educational experience with many opportunities for practical training and connections to local industry and professional societies.

Academic Programs
Bachelor of Science Degree
CBE prepares students for a career in industry or graduate study by combining traditional classroom learning with laboratory experience. Students graduate with a solid understanding and appreciation of chemical engineering in the real world. Many of our undergraduates participate in research, exploring fields such as process engineering, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical engineering. Find out more>>
Master of Science and Master of Engineering Degrees
The MS degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering is a degree for students who wish to equip themselves with a more solid foundation of chemical engineering fundamentals and prepare themselves for professional advancement in industry. Find out more>>
PhD Degree
The PhD program in CBE at Rutgers is primarily research-oriented with a focus on original contributions to the fundamental and applications of chemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical engineering. Students pursue careers in academia as well as research. Find out more>>