Phone: 848-445-6561
Office: BME-212
Phone: 848-445-2970
Office: C-138

Assistant Teaching Professor
Phone: 848-445-3669
Office: C-164
Lab: C-140

Professor and Chair
Phone: 848-445-2228
Office: C-228
Nerve regeneration, acupuncture mechanisms, modeling of biological processes, engineering education
Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director
Phone: 848-445-5558
Office: C-215
Heterogeneous catalysis, computational chemistry, process simulation and design, energy and environment
Professor and Undergraduate Program Director
Phone: 848-445-0315
Office: C-150B
Molecular thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, phase equilibria, complex fluids
Associate Professor
Phone: 848-445-3678
Biochemical Engineering, Biomanufacturing, Biomass Process Engineering, Biopharmaceuticals, Bioseparations, Carbohydrate-Active enZymes (CAZymes), Cellulose & Carbohydrate Chemistry, Cellulosic Biofuels, Chemo-Enzymatic Synthesis, Glycans, Glycoconjugates, Glycoengineering, Glycobiology, Protein Adsorption, Protein Engineering, Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy Research Group
Associate Professor
Phone: 848-445-5612
Office: C-229
Particle technology, biohybrid materials, nanoparticle-cell membrane interactions
Phone: 848-445-4243
Multiphase flows and reactors, multiphase flows and reactors, mechanics of fluidized beds, flow and segregation of granular materials, pharmaceutical engineering
Phone: 848-445-3817
Ionic polymers, development and study of novel polymers, polymer blends, and composites via ionic interactions
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Distinguished Professor 
Phone: 848-932-2698
Cell and tissue engineering, biomimetic materials.
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-445-3357
Pharmaceutical engineering, mixing in reactive and multiphase flows, blending of dry powders, applications of the fundamental concepts of chaos theory
Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-445-0834
Office: C-258
Modeling and characterization of nanophases and nanostructured materials, multiscale modeling from molecular to macroscopic scales
Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Phone: 848-932-7275
Office: 25 Bishop Place, College Avenue Campus
Plant cell culture, chemical and biochemical fiber optic sensors, applications of biophotonics in bioprocess technology
Associate Professor & Chancellor's Scholar
Phone: 848-445-6278
Process systems engineering, process control, process simulation, process optimization, mathematical modelling, population balance modelling, pharmaceutical engineering, particulate and chemical processes, nonlinear dynamics and chaos theory
Office: 848-445-6686
Interests include: Gene silencing technologies, nanobiotechnology, systems biology of liver, nanomedicine, gene silencing technologies, and engineering approaches to cancer.
Assistant Professor
Phone: 848-445-5040
Office: C-163
Interests Include: Bio-inspired materials, protein engineering, cellular and molecular bioengineering, synthetic biology, soft matter, membrane-less organelles
Associate Professor
Office: 848-445-4951
Fax: 732-445-2581
Interests include: Multiphase fluid mechanics and rheology, imaging (nuclear magnetic resonance imaging), micro and nanoencapsulation, biopolymer colloids, health, and environmental applications.
Assistant Research Professor
Office: 848-445-4944
Fax: 732-445-2581
Interest include: Process System Engineering (PSE) including advanced process control, process modelling and simulation, process monitoring and PAT, QbD, system identification, practical implementation of control system into the plant, novel methodology, knowledge based system and software development. The current application domain is continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Office: 848-445-2972
Fax: 732-445-2421
Interests include: Molecular dynamics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of fluids, nanoparticles, nanotribology, self assembly and dynamics of surfactants, and spreading of fluids.
Associate Professor
Office: 848-445-5809
Interests include: Structure-reactivity relationships as they pertain to complex catalytic reactions, Operando spectroscopy.
Associate Professor
Phone: 848-445-5089                                      
Office: C-106