Phone: 848-445-6561
Office: BME-212
Research Interests: Systems Engineering, System Biology, Bioinformatics, Data Mining, Kinetic Modeling
Phone: 848-445-2970
Office: C-138
Research Interests: Catalaysis and Nanocatalysis, Nanomaterials, Nanoparticles, Drug delivery

Assistant Teaching Professor
Phone: 848-445-3669
Office: C-164
Research Interests: Engineering education, Research experience for undergraduates (REU)

Professor and Chair
Phone: 848-445-2228
Office: C-228
Research Interests: Nerve regeneration, acupuncture mechanisms, modeling of biological processes, engineering education
Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director
Phone: 848-445-5558
Office: C-215
Research Interests: Heterogeneous catalysis, computational chemistry, process simulation and design, energy and environment
Associate Professor
Phone: 848-445-3678
Office: C-150A
Research Interests: Biochemical Engineering, Biomanufacturing, Biomass Process Engineering, Biopharmaceuticals, Bioseparations, Carbohydrate-Active enZymes (CAZymes), Cellulose & Carbohydrate Chemistry, Cellulosic Biofuels, Chemo-Enzymatic Synthesis, Glycans, Glycoconjugates, Glycoengineering, Glycobiology, Process Analytical Technology, Protein Adsorption, Protein Engineering, Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy
Assistant Professor
Phone: 518-859-2323
Office: C-161
Research Interests: Molecular engineering, biomolecular folding, and interactions, biomolecular phase separation, intrinsically disordered proteins, drug design, drug delivery, statistical mechanics, molecular simulations
Associate Professor
Phone: 848-445-5612
Office: C-229
Research Interests: Particle technology, biohybrid materials, nanoparticle-cell membrane interactions, Molecular dynamics
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-445-4243
Office: C-230
Research Interests: Multiphase flows and reactors, multiphase flows and reactors, mechanics of fluidized beds, flow and segregation of granular materials, pharmaceutical engineering
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Distinguished Professor 
Phone: 848-932-2698
Office: Winants Hall, Room 220
Research Interests: Cell and tissue engineering, biomimetic materials.
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-445-3357
Office: C-126
Research Interests: Pharmaceutical engineering, mixing in reactive and multi-phase flows, blending of dry powders, Drug substance/product manufacturing
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-445-0834
Office: C-258
Research Interests: Modeling and characterization of nanophases and nanostructured materials, multiscale modeling from molecular to macroscopic scales
Professor, Dean of School of Graduate Studies
Phone: 848-932-7275
Research Interests: Plant cell culture, chemical and biochemical fiber optic sensors, applications of biophotonics in bioprocess technology
Phone: 848-445-6278
Office: C-216
Research Interests: Process systems engineering, process control, process simulation, process optimization, mathematical modelling, population balance modelling, pharmaceutical engineering, particulate and chemical processes, nonlinear dynamics and chaos theory
Assistant Research Professor
Office: C-129A
Research Interests: Continuous manufacturing, Powder characterization, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Powder compaction
Assistant Teaching Professor 
Phone: 973-879-4115
Office: C-162
Teaching Interests: Catalysis and Reactor Design/kinetics, Mass and Energy balances
Phone: 848-445-6686
Office: BME- 205
Research Interests: Gene silencing technologies, nano-biotechnology, systems biology of liver, nano-medicine, gene silencing technologies, and engineering approaches to cancer.
Assistant Professor
Phone: 848-445-5040
Office: C-163
Research Interests: Bio-inspired materials, protein engineering, cellular and molecular bioengineering, synthetic biology, soft matter, membrane-less organelles
Assistant Research Professor
Phone: 848-445-6945
Office: C-119
Research Interests: Process and formulation development, continuous manufacturing, particle surface modification, material property and unit operation characterization, dynamic characterization of continuous manufacturing lines, and philanthropic causes.
Associate Professor
Phone: 848-445-4951
Office: C-230
Research Interests: Multiphase fluid mechanics and rheology, imaging (nuclear magnetic resonance imaging), micro and nanoencapsulation, biopolymer colloids, health, and environmental applications.
Assistant Research Professor
Phone: 848-445-4944
Office: C-137
Research Interests: Process Systems Engineering (PSE), Advanced process control, Process modelling and simulation, Process monitoring and PAT, QbD, System identification, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Phone: 848-445-2972
Office: C-234
Research Interests: Molecular dynamics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of fluids, nanoparticles, nanotribology, self assembly and dynamics of surfactants, and spreading of fluids.
Associate Professor
Phone: 848-445-5809
Office: C-242
Research Interests: Structure-reactivity relationships as they pertain to complex catalytic reactions, Operando spectroscopy, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Catalysis
Associate Professor
Phone: 848-445-5089                                      
Office: C-106
Research Interests: Metabolic Engineering, Bio-sensing, Applied Microbiology, Natural Product Biosynthesis, Bio-manufacturing