Graduate Program Director contact info and office hours

Dissertation and Thesis advisor selection Form

Graduate Internship Requirements and Course Enrollment Form

Certification for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Form

Reduced Credit Form

Ph.D. Thesis Defense Proposal Evaluation Form

Graduation Checklist for graduate students, including deadlines for graduation materials at this link.

School of Graduate Study forms listed below (and more) can be downloaded from the SGS website at this link.

  • Admission to Ph.D. Candidacy Application  
  • Master's Degree Application 
  • Active Status Restoration Application 
  • Certificate Program Application 
  • Change of Degree Status Application 
  • Extension of Time Application, Years 7 and later
  • Health Insurance for Graduate Students Registered as Part-Time and Considered Full-time
  • Transfer of Credit Application 
  • Transfer From One Graduate Program To Another (After Completing A Degree) 
  • Transfer From One Graduate Program To Another (Before Completing A Degree) 


Health Insurance Coverage After PhD Appointment Ends:

'Continuation Plan’ available to all current enrollees that can provide the gap coverage and would extend current insurance for up to 3 additional months.  Students are required to complete the enrollment form and remit payment via check directly to University Health Plans. For more information, please see the UHP website at, under ‘Additional Information’. Contact: Angela Logan, Student Insurance Coordinator at Hurtado Health Center, (848)