CBE Undergraduate Research Symposium

We had an exciting event on April 19th with 25 poster presenters, highlighting the cutting-edge research pursued by undergraduates in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. 



The poster presenters all did an outstanding job of showcasing their innovative research.


There were many lively discussions among students and faculty over pizza!



The faculty judges presented the following poster awards:

First Place
Presenter: Elizabeth Hinks
Poster Title: Modeling adsorption of simple fluids and hydrocarbons on nanoporous carbons
Advisor: Alexander Neimark

Second Place (tie)
Presenter: Ishani Dave
Poster Title: Microbial Growth Under Different Conditions
Advisor: Alex Bertuccio

Presenters: Jon Friedman, Jacob Lakomy, Ajay Patel and John (Jack) Kopas
Poster Title: Developing a self-regulating control system to investigate the effects of nutrient
composition, light intensity and seed density on the growth of mustard seeds.
Advisor: Alex Bertuccio

Third Place (3-way tie)
Presenter: Rachael Calero
Poster Title: Developing an At-Home Microbial Growth Experiment with Yeast
Advisor: Alex Bertuccio

Presenter: Liam Kuchinski
Poster Title: Bioseparations of S-methyl-5-thioribose kinase (MTK) Using Membraneless Organelles for Biocatalysis
Advisor: Benjamin Schuster

Presenters: Mykola Kunderevych, Vjosa Ukella, Sofya Ahmad and Shaira Chaudhuri
Poster Title: Evaluating Copper-Zinc Battery Current and Voltage Output with Varied Configurations and Copper Chloride Concentrations
Advisor: Alex Bertuccio

Congratulations to all!!!