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Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Enlarged antimicrobial cells

Biomolecular Engineering


Our biomolecular engineering research is helping to address some of the world’s most critical challenges by enabling advances in healthcare, food, and the environment. They are using advanced, molecular-level methods, including protein, glycan and metabolic engineering along with synthetic biology and data science to develop new medicines, materials, and therapies.


Ioannis (Yannis) Androulakis, Tewodros AsefaShishir Chundawat, Gregory Dignon, Meenakshi Dutt, Ashley Guo, Prabhas Moghe, Charles Roth, Benjamin Schuster, Haoran Zhang 

Research Topics

·    Bioprocessing
·    Biomolecular materials
·    Protein engineering
·    Glycan engineering
·    Metabolic engineering
·    Synthetic biology
·    Self-organizing proteins
·    Nanobiotechnology
·    Computational biology
·    Systems biology and pharmacology

Research Clusters 


Faculty: Chundawat, Dignon, Guo, Schuster, Zhang 

Building on a strong foundation of biotechnology at Rutgers, CBE faculty are combining protein, glycan, and metabolic engineering with advanced biophysical and computational techniques to address fundamental engineering questions in the life sciences; aid in providing accessible healthcare; develop robust systems for the biosynthesis of nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals; and advance methods for waste upcycling.

Biomolecular Materials 

Faculty: Asefa, Dignon, Dutt, Guo, Schuster 

We use complementary experimental and computational approaches to discover, design, and manipulate the structure and function of biomolecular materials for application in healthcare, personal care, biocatalysis, biomanufacturing, and biopharmaceuticals. CBE faculty work on materials ranging from nanostructured and functionalized materials to self-organizing protein and-lipid based soft materials. 


Faculty: Androulakis, Asefa, Buettner, Guo, Moghe, Neimark, Roth 

CBE faculty are advancing therapeutic and diagnostic techniques for cancer, infection, cardiovascular and neurological disease. Novel drug delivery routes and nanotechnologies are combined with fundamental and computational studies that provide insight into underlying mechanisms of health, disease, and pharmacological response.